Amanda Schmitt

A cake that looks exactly like a cat litter box is grossing the internet

A passionate baker is having viewers squealing for entirely different reasons this Halloween with her latest cake creation: a cat litter box cake with “poo” chocolate.

Cleaning the litter box is an aversion for many cat owners. In a Pet Place survey of 5,800 feline fans, picking up the litter box ranked behind pet hair, spraying and scratching furniture as one of the worst things about owning. a cat.

This could partly explain why Amanda Schmitt’s TikTok video showcasing her latest baked creation is getting so many people online.

Amanda Schmitt enjoying a bite of her cat litter box cake. The creation of the Halloween cake left some viewers a little uneasy.
Amanda Schmitt

The stay-at-home mom has been baking cakes for her six children for years and is no stranger to controversy when it comes to her confectionery creations.

Schmitt said Newsweek: “My mom and I used to have Halloween parties every year and we tried to come up with scary and disgusting foods to serve.”

Her husband, a public expert, has been called away from home to work in South Florida due to Hurricane Ian, meaning there won’t be a Halloween party for the family this year.

Nonetheless, she decided to get into the spooky season spirit with a cake that is, in the best possible way, the stuff of nightmares.

“I didn’t want the kids to miss out completely because they still enjoy all the yucky food I make every year, so I surprised them after school and decided to record the process,” he said. she declared.

The true horror of Schmitt’s cake creation is perhaps best showcased in the TikTok video, which sees the baker use a plastic shovel – newly purchased with the litter box and washed before use – to scoop out a bite of the contents to cake base.

The cake’s authentic look paired with Schmitt’s hilarious reaction to the camera was enough to drive viewers crazy. At the time of writing, the clip has been viewed over 20 million times, with viewers taking to the comments section to express their appreciation and revulsion at his work.

“That’s disgusting,” said one viewer, with another writing, “you almost gave me a stroke.” A third commented: ‘That was a little too realistic for me’, while a fourth spoke for many with the response: ‘That absolutely freaked me out.’

The online response floored Schmitt, who considers herself a hobbyist when it comes to baking. “I didn’t expect this video to get so much attention,” she said. “So many people were gross and now I look like a litter-eating cat freak.”

Although Schmitt isn’t the first baker to create a cat litter box cake – she started seeing versions in 2015 – hers might just be the most realistic yet, the result of years of testing and mistakes on his part.

“When I first made it, it was crumbled and tossed cake with crushed Oreos and Tootsie Rolls that were quite dry,” she said. “The next version I made for a Halloween party, I mixed frosting with the crumbled cake and some Oreos to give it extra moistness.”

Schmitt said it was while looking through photos from that party that she realized her efforts lacked that extra touch to make them believable.

“That’s when I decided to rework it and layer it instead,” she said. “So I mixed the crumbled cake and frosting in the bottom and pressed it. Then I crushed the oreos and added blue food coloring (because all litter has these blue specks). Then I added the tootsie roll droppings.”

Other equally disgusting/delicious additions include marshmallow fluff to create authentic kitty litter “tufts”. Schmitt said she plans to add “yellow food coloring” to the mix next time.

Reflecting on her newfound viral fame, Schmitt credits the video’s success to the sheer shock factor of its creation and the fact that it’s not that far off the mark.

“Honestly, you never know with people these days, there may be people who legitimately eat kitty litter,” she said. “I’ve seen crazier things…”

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