Street Fighter 6's Groundbreaking New Move Has Players Screaming

Street Fighter 6’s Groundbreaking New Move Has Players Screaming

Street Fighter 6The closed beta test of is finally over. Now that we’ve gotten our first look at the game, people are sharing their opinions and videos of the game’s various mechanics. While much of Capcom’s upcoming fighter resembles the recent street fighter entries, Street Fighter 6 introduces a new tool called Drive Impact that has some players losing their minds at how overpowered it is.

The closed beta ran from October 7-10, allowing people to check out Street Fighter 6many game modes, character creator, online match practice mechanic, and even some in-game shops to buy clothes for your avatar. Of course, the main attraction, aside from the cursed fighters players sported in the hub world, it was the fights. There was plenty to do, with several crowded servers full of people battling against each other with series mainstays like Ken and Ryu as well as newcomers like Jamie and Kimberly. It was great fun, although frustrating, to learn Street Fighter 6new systems. But this Drive Impact mode is not going too well with the community.

The mechanic is part of the new Drive system, a refillable meter under your fighter’s health bar that allows you to use EX Specials and other Drive-enabled specific abilities. You can think of Drive Impact as Street Fighter IVit is Concentrated Attack, an armored move that stuns your opponent if they connect and leaves them open for big damage. It only costs one tick of your Drive meter, making it a cheap and effective method of zoning. He can absorb two hits with his armor, and he has the strength to beat just about every move in the game except for another Drive Impact, throw, or the third hit in a combo chain, this which means it is extremely powerful against button crushers and spammers. It’s for these reasons that players are screaming how stupidly broken the mechanic is. I kinda agree.

Pro Street Fighter V player Adel “Big Bird” Anouche said Drive Impact makes the game “chaoticbecause it’s a move you need to “constantly watch out for” because it’s so effective against almost anything. Rooflemonger YouTuber Fighting Game, after getting bodied by someone online using Drive Impacthe said didn’t like the mechanic due to how often players he met online used it. Dalauan “Low Tier God” content creator Sparrow called Drive Impact a “draft panic tool“, saying that it needs to be nerfed or changed in some way. Even Dominique “SonicFoxMcLean hates Drive Impact, which has prompted other casuals and pros, like Sayed”tekken Master “Hashem, to proclaim the mechanic was”literally made for beginners.”

As a fan of casual fighting games, the Drive Impact was both a blessing and a curse during my time with the Street Fighter 6 beta. It’s easy to throw because it only costs one tick of the Drive meter. However, feeling the move – using it without it actually connecting – makes you incredibly vulnerable to punishment. And if you spam it for no reason, you’ll enter a “burnout” state when the Drive meter runs out, which will stun you and slow your movement speed, mMake your Drive meter management the difference maker in fights. Drive Impact is a low risk, high reward type of attack, especially due to the damage it deals and the combo potential it opens up.

That doesn’t mean Drive Impact is impossible to deal with, just hard to react to if you don’t look for it. street fighter is all about mind games. When you get a hard knockdown on someone, what you do next could be the difference between a win or a massively upsetting loss. Having Drive Impact thrown into the mix, a move that resists most attacks in the game, means you’ll need to play patiently and watch your opponent diligently to surprise them. They can get up and immediately mash the buttons, in which case you can respond with the Drive Impact for a punishment counter – a type of counterattack that deals extra damage – and really get hurt. The same thing can happen to you, though, and it sucks a lot when it does. The Drive Impact whips the ass.

Of course, this was just a closed beta test. Although there is no release date for Street Fighter 6 for now, you can assume things will change as the game develops. Who knows? Maybe the Drive Impact will see some tweaks that will increase cost and reduce damage or something. Only time will tell, but I had fun with the game despite being blown away.

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