Here are some of the most damaging Street Fighter 6 Ryu combos we've seen so far

Here are some of the most damaging Street Fighter 6 Ryu combos we’ve seen so far

Some fans are currently diving into the Street Fighter 6 closed beta test in an effort to experience and learn everything they can before the limited time window closes. We’re already seeing all sorts of tech, easter eggs, and high-level match footage from the pros on the internet, and there’s some seriously awesome stuff going on right now.

Throughout the Closed Beta period, we encountered a few high damage combos for Ryu. This one comes from the mind of ShowYouCanSYC from day one of the beta. Ultimately, it deals a whopping 6,610 damage.

This combo does not use any counter-hits or the “Punish Counter” mechanic to increase its damage. What you will need here is a jump attack, corner, and maximum resources to pull off this one.

ShowYouCanSYC starts with a quick charge from Denjin to power up Ryu’s Hashogeki, which will later be used to expand the combo. A heavy punch jump kicks off the combo and leads to a squat heavy punch canceled into the aforementioned Hashogeki.

From there, Ryu has enough frame advantage to land another cr. HP before canceling into an EX Hurricane Kick. What follows is where things start to get a little tricky and will take some practice with Drive Rush to get used to.

The use of Drive Rush in juggling combos is being explored more deeply now that fans have gotten their hands on the beta, and a major finding as a result of the research shows that using Drive Rush attacks while opponent is in the middle of a juggle combo actually adds juggle points. Essentially, you can juggle longer than you normally would if you use the normal Drive Rush somewhere in the juggle combo.

ShowYouCanSYC takes advantage of this and performs a raw Drive Rush in a crouching medium punch to pick up the opponent before they hit the ground after the hurricane kick, then undo that normal into Drive Rush in another punch heavy fist squatting to extend even further.

A canceled Shoryuken in his level 3 Shin Shoryuken Critical Art closes out this beefy combo and leaves Luke with an empty life bar at around 75%.

Again, this clip was released on Day 1 of the Street Fighter 6 Closed Beta, which is pretty early to see this kind of damage.

Over time, combo damage kept increasing as players learned more and more about the mechanics of Street Fighter 6. Just a day later, Javits was able to break the record of 7,204 damage.

Seeing this, ShowYouCanSYC was able to apply a slight modification that further increased the damage to 7,220. With the right resources, a round can be completed very quickly with this combo in tow.

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