Can AI determine your best skincare routine?  We tried.

Can AI determine your best skincare routine? We tried.

Over the past few years, I have taken a deep dive into all things skincare. Turning 30 does this to you – one day all you need for glowing skin is a splash of water and a little moisturizer, and the next day you look dull, dry and blemished just because you stayed up an hour longer the night before. Without the extra income to afford regular visits to the dermatologist or esthetician, however, most of my skincare journey has been based on trial and error. I’ve spent countless hours browsing TikTok and Reddit, tried long Korean beauty routines, and while I’ve had some luck finding my own holy grail products – most of what I do is still guessing.

While there’s nothing wrong with guessing, it’s an expensive and time-consuming process that isn’t always successful. Some products make a difference, of course, but others do absolutely nothing or worse, leaving my skin red and irritated. Not to mention the fact that after spending hundreds of dollars on new products, it can be overwhelming to navigate the sheer volume of skin care solutions available today.

A company, Revea(opens in a new tab)hope to change that for everyone.

A skincare technology company, Revea calls itself “the world’s most advanced skincare system.” Using a combination of advanced technology and artificial intelligence, the company was founded by a group of scientists and skincare experts with the goal of bringing truly individualized skincare right to your doorstep. And the way it works is actually pretty cool.

What is Revea?

Originally launched as a physical site in San Francisco, Revea started by using Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) technology to look deep into your skin. From there, the company analyzes your skin to “map” your unique skin biology and create a personalized treatment plan just for you.

It sounds good ? It is because it is. Revea uses AI to connect the dots between your skin data and the perfect skincare routine for you, so instead of relying on guesswork – or oversimplified skin types like dry, normal, oily or combination – you get a truly personalized skincare recommendation.

However, the technology used in Revea’s lab in San Francisco is expensive and not available to everyone in the world…even if they were to open more locations. That’s why the company set out to develop a cutting-edge mobile app that lets you scan your skin with your smartphone – using AI to connect the dots between your phone’s camera and imaging data. hyperspectral – to analyze your skin and get personalized recommendations without even leaving your home.

How it works?

Revea’s new skincare app(opens in a new tab) starts by using your phone’s camera to perform a free “skin care diagnosis”. The process is simple and straightforward, and it takes less than a minute to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the scan. All I had to do was start with clean, fresh skin and – while standing in front of a well-lit window – hold the camera straight in front of my face while slowly turning my face to the right and to the left to end the scan. The whole process was seamless and easy, and the app even gives you suggestions on how to improve your lighting, how far you need to be from your phone, and how far you need to move your face to get a scan. precise.

From there, Revea uses AI technology to search its database, which was created by analyzing over a billion skin data points and 30,000 unique skin profiles, to analyze your skin and identify any issues or concerns that need addressing before recommending a personalized skincare routine that can be delivered right to your door.

And overall, the process is quite simple. It only takes a few minutes to complete your analysis, and while I was skeptical whether the scientific jargon would live up to the hype, I was very impressed with the results.

My skin data was surprisingly robust. I haven’t had great experiences with “personalized online experiences” in the past, but Revea blew my mind. Each page offered an in-depth look at a specific factor in the overall health and appearance of my skin. From skin radiance and dermal fibers to skin tone, energy delivery and hydration, the results of my analysis were robust and data-rich without being overwhelming or overly technical.

The app provides a very in-depth insight into the various factors of your skin health.
Credit: Screenshot / Revea

They also went into detail about the different things that could contribute to the overall “score” of each factor, and I liked that I could learn more about each. Hydration, for example, has been divided into three sub-categories – surface hydration, skin barrier and sebum production – each given its own individual analysis.

app screenshot showing skin hydration score

The different factors are classified as compromise, fair or excellent.
Credit: Screenshot / Revea

Revea Membership Program

After you complete your free skin scan, Revea’s app then recommends a personalized skincare regimen designed to target the most important issues identified in your personalized scan. Each regimen includes three products tailored to your skin’s unique needs: an AM serum, a PM serum, and a moisturizer. They don’t currently offer any other types of products or additional recommendations, but the membership program includes a “personal skin concierge” where you can ask questions about your skin – including what to do if a product doesn’t work for you, what additional products you should use, whether or not a retinol would work for your skin type, what SPF would work best with your other products, etc.

The app breaks down how each skincare product is personalized for you – my AM serum, for example, was formulated to target “energy delivery” while my PM serum focused on the “middle of the skin” – so you can see exactly what ingredients are included in your product and why. You can also customize the texture of your moisturizer, so you get a truly personalized, personalized skincare routine delivered right to your door.

app screenshot showing custom skin regimen

You can see a breakdown of your personalized diet in the app.
Credit: Screenshot / Revea

Priced at $250 every three months, Revea isn’t exactly cheap, but neither is it this expensive either, especially when compared to luxury skincare products. Each product comes with a 90-day supply, so you’re basically getting three $80 products that, used correctly, will last you three months.

What I liked about Revea

I really liked using Revea to scan my skin, and I appreciated that it was a free feature available to everyone with no purchase required so I could try out the scan and see what my results were without commit to buying products. I also loved the data richness of the analysis.

Some of the results weren’t necessarily new – I knew I had issues with inflammation, for example – but others were enlightening. It helped me come full circle on some of the guesswork I had been making over the past few years: I had recently added vitamin C to my skincare routine with great results, and given that vitamin C was included in my Revea AM and PM serums, I could now see why it worked so well for me.

The products themselves were silky smooth and easy to use, and I appreciated Revea’s focus on sustainability with their high-quality refillable packaging.

hand holding rectangular AM serum

Each product should last approximately three months.
Credit: RJ Andersen/Mashable

What I didn’t like about Revea

Although I enjoyed trying Revea, I don’t think I consider myself a convert…yet. I didn’t notice a significant difference or improvement in the health and appearance of my skin, but I only tried the products for two weeks, so that’s not too surprising.

The technology behind Revea is clearly phenomenal, but the products themselves left a bit to be desired. Although Revea does not use any perfume in its products, they had a chemical smell which was not very pleasant. I also didn’t like being “stuck” with a moisturizer for three months, especially because the texture I chose ended up leaving my skin oily and way too shiny. Granted, you can always swap your moisturizer for another on your next order, but I was disappointed to waste what is essentially an $80 product because it didn’t suit my skin.

Is Revea worth it?

Honestly, it depends. If you’re someone who’s picky about the products you use on your skin, you might not want to risk spending $250 on products that may or may not work for you. Personally, I prefer to try the products myself – especially in the smaller sizes, so I can decide if I like the smell and the texture – so I didn’t like not having a lot of choice in the products I received from Revea apart from the moisturizer.

However, if you’re someone who wants to completely take the guesswork out of skincare — especially without seeing a dermatologist — Revea(opens in a new tab) could be the ideal solution for you. It’s simple and convenient, and while I didn’t like every product, what works for you may be different from what works for me. And given Revea’s 90-day risk-free guarantee, it might be worth a try.

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