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Yes on 2A – the importance of developing Internet broadband in Pueblo

On Tuesday, November 8, Pueblo voters have a great opportunity to enable our city to work with Internet service providers, local educators and others to expand broadband Internet service throughout the city. The start of this critically important expansion can be accomplished simply by voting “YES on 2A” – the local city ordinance on the ballot allowing the City of Pueblo to legally commit to this expansion. The many reasons to support “YES on 2A” follow.

In order to be more competitive in today’s economy, communities nationwide have become increasingly dependent on reliable Internet access – especially high-capacity (“broadband”) Internet access. ) – for things such as: robust business development and operations, meaningful educational access at all levels, and citizen participation in various aspects of life.

The availability of dynamic and reliable broadband services has become a modern necessity that often enhances the attractiveness of a community. Powerful broadband access provides connectivity for: online education and distance learning opportunities; online banking, bill payment and shopping services; employees who can work from home; and patients who can practice telemedicine with their doctor.

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