Voyager Internet's 100 Gigabit network upgrade to deliver advanced services nationwide

Voyager Internet’s 100 Gigabit network upgrade to deliver advanced services nationwide

Voyager Internet is nearing completion of its nationwide 100 gigabit network upgrade, which will ensure the New Zealand-owned ISP meets growing capacity needs and continues to deliver premium broadband. It will also allow Voyager to launch new services to enterprise and wholesale customers, including Layer 2 Ethernet, national backhaul, wide area networks and data center-to-data center connectivity at speeds ranging from 1 to 100 Gigabits, in addition to providing regular broadband and wholesale Internet.

In 2019, Voyager upgraded its Auckland core network from 10G to 100G, followed by an upgrade of its international network between Auckland and Sydney to 100G in 2021. Since these upgrades, and in part due With the massive increase in remote working, data usage has grown exponentially. increase. As a result, Voyager saw higher bandwidth demands than ever before, leading to the decision to scale its entire network to 100 Gigabit baseline speeds.

With capital expenditure in the hundreds of thousands, Voyager installed more than five hundred 100 Gigabit network ports nationwide to complete the upgrade, ensuring that spare 100G ports are available for customers throughout the country. any data center or telephone exchange in which Voyager has equipment. Smaller Tier 2 and Tier 3 telcos and ISPs in New Zealand can now leverage Voyager’s network to build their own networks at a significantly reduced cost.

The new Layer 2 services provided by Voyager’s upgraded network mean that Voyager customers can enjoy their own dedicated, high-performance and secure network via point-to-point Ethernet connections. Point-to-point networks share data through direct connections between computers, rather than going through separate IP routers on the Internet. Customer networks will be built on their own private paths within Voyager’s network, which means they are more protected and highly secure.

“The 100G upgrade gives us a significant increase in protected bandwidth to key hubs and locations across New Zealand,” says Deidre Steyn, Commercial Director of Voyager.

“This means we will have more high-capacity Ethernet ports available to connect customers in data centers where we have a point of presence. We will also be able to leverage our additional capacity to provide high capacity point-to-point Ethernet connections between sites. »

Voyager’s network has 100 gigabit broadband points of presence (POPs) in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. There is also a Voyager POP in Sydney.

“Through our Sydney POP, the upgrade will also give us the ability to expand 10 Gigabit+ networks in Australia,” Steyn said. “This will be useful for Australian providers who want to offer customers a direct connection to New Zealand.”

Voyager’s new Layer 2 services will give customers full control over their networks, providing them with a flexible and scalable service that can be tailored to their specific needs.

The network upgrade will also provide additional redundancy with additional capacity in the east and west of the country; meaning that Voyager client connections will not be dropped if the connection is dropped on one side. Multiple layers of redundancy mean the Voyager network is highly resilient and reliable, providing peace of mind that it will work when needed.

“The ability to offer these services will help our corporate customers and wholesale partners to better serve their own needs and customers,” Steyn says, “and it will position Voyager as a premium New Zealand backhaul service provider.”

Voyager’s network upgrade is due for completion on December 1, 2022. To speak with a Voyager expert about how their advanced new services can help your business succeed, contact their team at

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