What are we all playing this weekend?

What are we all playing this weekend?

I haven’t started my spooky celebrations yet, but I’m enjoying seeing other people get into the spirit. What else are you going to do in a rainy start to October? Let me know if you have any macabre good plans, dear reader. Oh! And while you’re at it, what are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee

I dove into Immortals Fenyx Rising now it’s on Game Pass, and you know what? It’s always a good game, no regrets, a nice weekend treat.


I’m going in search of forest mushrooms this weekend. Maybe not eat it? Probably not to eat it? Still learning to identify it. Don’t eat it yet. Unless…? I want a video game that captures that rainforest feeling. Lush. Wet. Verdant. Wall. Heavy. A good place to lay down and die, or at least watch the Draconid meteor shower if the sky is clear.


We still play a lot of Splatoon on weekends, so I’m going to join. I would also like to find time for another Deathloop. It’s been raining a lot this week so I’m hoping for a break in the clouds to get out a bit. If not, we’ll put on our big coats and stride somewhere anyway.


For me, most weekends involve sweating and eating bananas, but this one is dedicated to pissing me off with fear. I’m going to play The Quarry with a friend, make some baffling decisions, and make sure all the boys in the fraternity get torn apart by a killer clown. Maybe even get a pizza! I do what I want!


It’s spooky season, which means it’s time to get my group back on Phasmophobia. We’re gonna scream, we’re gonna die, and I won’t play in VR because the last time I did that, I broke a lamp. Outside of video games, I just got a message from my local game store letting me know that they have a Magic: The Gathering Warhammer Necron deck with my name on it. It’s all about death, right? Very scary indeed.

is ???


I am on vacation this week. Technically, we should have been on vacation this week, gorging on rivers of hot chocolate from Bruges, but Covid sabotaged our travel plans, so we’re staying home instead, probably playing video games on the sofa. You know, to change the habit of a lifetime. More Xenoblade 3 will definitely be a feature, but now that I’ve finished Cult Of The Lamb, there are a few other games I want to catch up on before the year-end rush. I’ve got my eye on Norco and Citizen Sleeper right now (thanks Game Pass), and I’ve wanted to play Strange Horticulture for ages too. Oh shit, and there’s also God Of War to finish. Probably just as well we stayed home, to be honest. Too many video games to play.

The most ghostly of sons


I played a lot of Overwatch 2 this week and had a great time except when I lost 8 games in a row and considered walking in the sea a bit of a relief. I’ll probably keep playing this, because I was born to suffer. Elsewhere, I finally started Fallout: New Vegas on Series X. I loved Fallout 3 at the time, and although I bought New Vegas at launch, it never quite hooked me like its predecessor. 12 years later, I’m absolutely obsessed. Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for nuclear winter.


Overwatch 2 is my weekend’s keynote speaker. Now that the launch issues seem to have been (mostly) resolved, I hope to be able to play a good dozen games with the gang. I’m having a lot of fun playing Sojourn and Kiriko right now. Less Junker Queen, but good. Two out of three new heroes aren’t bad.

is far!


As Halloween approaches, a new fear looms: that I won’t finish off some of my GOTY contenders before it’s time for us to vote on our year-end slate. Ghostwire: Tokyo was pretty much all I played this spring, but so many really good – and importantly, relatively short – games came out over the summer that Ghostwire’s ending kept getting pushed back. back of the queue (maybe because I’m so 100% determined). But damn it, it’s scary enough and definitely one of my favorite new titles of 2022: I swear I’ll see the end before Christmas!

But you, dear reader, what are you playing this weekend?

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