With everything MetaDexa has to offer, Ripple computer and internet users will want their cryptos to be started on MetaDexa |  bitcoinist.com

With everything MetaDexa has to offer, Ripple computer and internet users will want their cryptos to be started on MetaDexa | bitcoinist.com

Cryptocurrency aficionados are constantly looking for the next big cryptocurrency to jump on, and all new blockchains and cryptocurrencies are vying for the attention of potential buyers claiming to be the next big thing. Ripple (XRP) and Internet Computer (ICP) had successful launches and have been doing relatively well since then, but neither of them reached the levels of success that crypto enthusiasts were looking for. Now, with MetaDexa (METADEXA) and its exclusive launch pad, the search for the crypto holy grail will become much easier.

MetaDexa (METADEXA): The Future of Crypto Launches

MetaDexa is a cryptocurrency launchpad that supports multiple blockchains and provides the perfect platform to raise capital. With the use of state-of-the-art presale dashboard technology, modern software and extensive marketing expertise, MetaDexa (METADEXA) can effectively help launch several high-quality blockchain projects. With one of the best marketing teams in the industry, all projects launched with MetaDexa (METADEXA) will receive proper marketing and reach a global audience.

MetaDexa (METADEXA) also offers users early access to pre-sales of new cryptocurrencies launched on its launch pad. This way, members of the MetaDexa community can safely buy these coins when they are most profitable and before they go public. With order books, dynamic pricing and a collection of industry standard features that have been designed to ensure success in crypto launches, MetaDexa (METADEXA) has the potential to be the perfect launch pad for biggest and best new cryptocurrencies.

Ripple (XRP): the new financial giant for international transactions

Ripple is an international payment processing system that uses Ripple (XRP) as its native cryptocurrency. The goal is to directly compete with payment processors like SWIFT and similar services and work to achieve this from its design phase. Ripple (XRP) does not use a blockchain like regular cryptocurrencies, but it works using distributed ledger technology and the HashTree consensus mechanism. HashTree compresses all data into a single value, which takes a lot of work out of the system because all it has to do is check one value instead of all previous data. For this reason, transactions using Ripple (XRP) are very fast (less than 5 seconds) and they are very cheap with a transaction cost of 0.00001 XRP. With its ability to perform 1500 transactions per second and transfer money internationally easily and at very low cost, it is no surprise that more than 300 financial institutions around the world use the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP ), or one of the other services of the company. provides.

Internet Computer (ICP): providing a true Web 3.0 experience

The Internet Computer Protocol was launched in 2021 by the Dfinity Foundation and uses Internet Computer (ICP) tokens as its native cryptocurrency. The goal of the Internet Computer Protocol is to revolutionize the Internet by using the Internet Computer Cryptocurrency (ICP) as the driving force and incentive to gather a strong customer base. This new version of the Internet will be secure and decentralized and will provide users with a platform to host and share whatever they want without having to depend on large centralized companies like Google and Meta. With this new version of the Internet, the Internet Computer Protocol can promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies through its Internet Computer (ICP) tokens. By supporting the widespread implementation of smart contracts, Internet Computer (ICP) can extend the functionality of the Internet and give many users a taste of what Web 3.0 can really be.

MetaDexa (METADEXA) provides more than enough features to help users raise millions on their crypto presale and launch. With its advanced tools, cryptocurrencies launched with MetaDexa (METADEXA) could outperform major players like Internet Computer (ICP) and Ripple (XRP). One of them could even become the next Bitcoin (BTC).

Learn more about MetaDexa (METADEXA):

Website: https://www.metadexa.com/

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