Taking a look at the Google Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel 7, and Pixel Watch at Google

Why Google got away with such a boring Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 reveal

Google likes to treat product reveals as a casual conversation between its engineers and tech-savvy viewers. Thursday’s minimalist Made for Google event stands in stark contrast to Apple events that rely on high production values ​​and longer, more scripted information. The question is, does Google’s laid-back approach help or hurt devices like the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7?

Google launched its long-awaited first-generation Pixel Watch yesterday, but it only devoted about 7 minutes to it in an hour-long presentation. It’s spent nearly as much time on VPN software and twice as much time on Pixel 7 photography upgrades. It’s not exactly a conventional way to launch a new line of products you care about!

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