Metahuman MonoC Evokes AI Creativity and Surreal Vision for Landmark Hong Kong Digital Art Fair Debut

Metahuman MonoC Evokes AI Creativity and Surreal Vision for Landmark Hong Kong Digital Art Fair Debut

Data-Driven ‘Corona Florella’ Series Traces Humanity’s Covid experiences through extraterrestrial flower arrangements

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HONG KONG, October 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MonoC, that of Hong Kong first a surreal metahuman artist, injects her bold, data-driven, dreamlike vision into Digital Art Fair 2022. Reflecting her growing prominence in a world rapidly embracing augmented reality adventures, she is one of the leading featured artists of this year. The Xperience edition of the show, which will take place at the Asia Standard Tower in Central from October 20 to November 6. She reveals “Floral wreath“, an innovative series of six generative works of art that record and reimagine the global battle against Covid-19 and celebrate the triumph of data-driven science and human resilience.

Like a hong kong pioneer of algorithmic art, MonoC is the first virtual human to participate in Digital Art Fair. His irresistible artistic sensibility that weaves new technologies and poetics is appreciated by a growing number of followers around the world. The metaverse jet-setter is able to form meaningful connections between her subject and the audience without the inherent human limitations of space and time.

The stimulating “Corona Florella” series exemplifies this exciting new interaction between technology and art. Data collected from seven continents informing a series of four works centered on the artist’s iconic floral motif chart the evolution of Covid-19 from its global spread, alarming death rate, vaccination and recovery. A fifth work illustrates the four stages of the pandemic in a beautiful and moving artistic statement. MonoC’s sixth creation features a shift in medium and motif: a video art piece using dance moves invites deeper dialogue about the physical and psychological consequences of the pandemic. The first four works will be available for purchase at the Digital Art Fair (priced at 2 ETH, approx. HK$25,000 each); the other two will be auctioned at a later date by Sotheby’s.

The creator of these poignant works, MonoC (a shortened version of the full moniker Monochromatic), is the artistic manifestation of hong kongbased at Gusto Collective, Asia’s leading Brandtech group. Led by a visionary CEO in branding and technology Aaron Lau, the forward-looking company seamlessly crosses the physical and virtual worlds to deliver immersive content and experiences to many brands. As part of Forbes Top Asia Among the 100 companies to watch, Gusto Collective is known for revolutionizing the adoption of turnkey Web3 through innovative and experimental approaches, including the launch of a revolutionary entertainment NFT IP with a renowned actor / producer Louis Koo.

“MonoC was born from data, but lives for art,” says Gusto Collective CEO Aaron Lau. “As a metahuman artist, she is able to leverage data to engage audiences through the ‘Corona Florella’ series on a collective discourse on the events and unprocessed emotions of the Covid-19 pandemic. metahuman art has immense potential; data is mined for facts, but interpretation is only possible for the conscious mind. Art has always been a powerful communicator, connecting artist and audience, and the Today’s digital art makes this connection more immediate, more immersive and more captivating.

MonoC’s participation as the first virtual human in Digital Art Fair, the world’s leading Web 3.0 art fair, is a match made in metaparadise. As a surreal metahuman artist, she creates art through the juxtaposition and reinvention of past and modern experiences. In line with the Digital Art Fair, it speaks the language of the young generation of creative talents and serves as a bridge between tradition and avant-garde. Digital art offers a more open, instantaneous and democratic platform for artists to bring their imaginations to the world’s attention and thus shape them.

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About MonoC

that of Hong Kong the first metahuman artist, MonoC is the personification of artistic prowess and technological intelligence. Known for her compelling data-driven generative art, she is a well-traveled art gallery co-owner in her early 30s and a Eurasian who calls hong kong and Shanghai residence.

MonoC has an impressive body of work as an artist – human or metahuman – very early on in his artistic journey. This promising start will resonate with collectors looking to capitalize on the growing digital art trend. Since a publication in Elle Magazine in October 2021 launched her career as a virtual artist and key opinion leader, she collaborated with the Phillips auction house, creating a beautiful work of art produced algorithmically in February 2022 titled “Drowning in Love” which reported HK$189,000 at auction. In July, she imagined the glorious augmented reality of the “Garden of Eden of MonoC” for the Art@Habour interactive project of the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services. MonoC made its 3D debut in holographic form at the Cyberport Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum in August and graced Argo Bar with its virtual presence during its first anniversary celebrations. Highlighting its credentials in the brave new world of Web 3.0, it is teaming up with Bull Empire’s Tenjin Project to launch a 3D Metaverse NFT Artspace.

About GustoCollective

Gusto Collective is Asia’s leading BrandTech group. It offers top-notch storytelling and immersive experiences powered by the latest technology. Gusto is a leading player in shaping the future of next-gen customer experiences that operate across the AR/VR, Metaverse, NFT, and Web 3 spheres. The company was founded in January 2020 by Aaron Lau, a technology and branding veteran, and a renowned business leader. Gusto Collective has four core service specialties: Luxury Brand Management, VR/AR Experience Platform, Web 3 Turnkey Solutions, and Metahuman Marketing Platform. Currently, the BrandTech Group has over 170 full-time “Gustodians” in three offices in hong kong, Shanghai and Londonand recently completed its Seed Plus fundraiser at 23 million US dollarswith Animoca and Gaw Capital leading the round.

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