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Welcome Guardians to this week’s Community Focus. Fresh off the press – Uh… Word document? – is an interview with a content creator who creates cinematic weapon reviews and build guides along with a mini-edit to show how things work in the game.

Introducing Legoleflash.

Welcome, Lego! Let’s start with a quick shot because it looks fun. Who are you, what are your pronouns and where are you from?

Hey! I am Lego, known everywhere online as Legoleflash (he/him). I’m a Destiny 2 YouTuber, Podcast Host, 7x Movie of the Week winner, and Fusion Rifle and Glaive fanatic from Austin, TX.

Fuck yeah! We’ll be sharing a few of these winning MOTW submissions soon, but first, let’s talk about what got you into gaming and content creation?

Gaming has been a part of my whole life, and I mean literally, because my dad owned a video rental store growing up. I have amazing photos of me playing the original NES while wearing diapers!

I became a drummer, as well as a wedding videographer, and the game stayed with me through it all. My journey into content creation began when I used those musical and editing skills to create a video called Liftoff, which won Movie of the Week shortly after The Taken King was released. It propelled me into hosting podcasts, becoming “the Fusion Rifle guy”, winning six more MOTWs, until where I am now: creating Destiny 2 movie guides and reviews for every type of player.

MOTW “Take off”:

Sounds like such a fun way to spend your childhood! It’s also really fascinating how you’ve taken that love of video games and your work as a videographer and created a space to help others learn.

How did you find Destiny and when did you start playing?

Being a huge Halo fan, I knew I had to try what Bungie was up to next. I was on the road with my party during the Destiny beta. I will never forget to wait still for this hotel internet to finally finish downloading it. When I jumped into the game and first released my Sparrow, I was sold right there. Every action I took felt like I had a bit of spatial magic, so fluid and engaging. I’ve been addicted ever since.

It really is the “magic of space” that attracts so many of us, isn’t it? So, let’s dig a little deeper and look at the type of content you tend to focus on.

Three months ago, I transitioned from strictly MOTW-like videos to using the same visual flair to create compelling Destiny 2 builds, guides, and weapon reviews. weapon stats, perks, and buff stacking. My videos break it all down in a fun, cinematic, and engaging way for every type of gamer.

For example, I tried almost every combination of perks on the Epicurean Fusion Rifle in the Duality Dungeon, then visually showcased the ones that worked best for me before breaking it all down in this Epicurean designed guide.

Epicurean Perks Guide:

I got so many player comments, “You guys make this build/weapon/class so much fun!” and ultimately, that’s the goal. I love creating content that helps people have even more fun with the game they already love. New content is growing the channel at a rate I never could have imagined, so I’m excited to invest more and more time into this new style of helpful cinematic videos.

If you’re a gamer looking to learn more about weapons, perks, mods, skins, shards, and how they can all stack up to do fun things, my videos are for you. Don’t let your “skill level” stop you from learning something that can be game-changing for you. I’m 34 years old. I put the full auto mod on every handgun I have (thanks for that, Bungie. Seriously) because my fingers can’t pull the trigger fast enough, and yet I still managed to climb ranked as the #1 Rumble player in the world two seasons ago. No matter what stage you’re in, you can always become a legend in Destiny 2, and my channel is always a place of encouragement for that.

MOTW “Become Legend”:

Seems like a positive way to wrap up a lot of information for players who otherwise might not feel very “good” at the game or are just looking to improve a bit more.

And now it’s time for the “big” question: what is your main character and your favorite equipment?

My main character in PvE is my Titan, but my main favorite in PvP is my hunter for radar mind games. My favorite loadout right now is a build for my Arc 3.0 Titan that I call the “No Aim Freight Train”. It really is for everyone, and I can’t help but laugh the whole time I perform it. I use Cerberus+1 and An Insurmountable Skullfort to slide, shoot, and smash my way through an entire Crucible match. Play on the Knockout and Juggernaut aspects, and you’ll speed up amped up without worrying about the world. It’s really great to let off steam!

Guide “No Aim Freight Train”:

You know what, I’m going to drop the “no mention of Warlocks” shade because “No Aim Freight Train” is hilarious and the perfect description of an Arc Titan. ?

We have already talked about the type of content that you do, but what is the vibe of your channels?

My YouTube, Twitter and TikTok channels aim to share good information while having fun. Each video starts with a mini MOTW level edit of a weapon, mod, or build, followed by a step-by-step guide on how to do it yourself. Even if you’re just following Twitter, I’m still answering questions about which perks would work best for you on your fusion rifle, or just posting how good the Destiny 2 skybox looks that day.

It sounds super cold and communicative. I’m sure it helps your community feel more comfortable reaching out too.

Now, for a little change of pace, I want you to go back in your memory files to your early days in Destiny. What do you wish you had known before starting Destiny?

I would love to know how awesome playing with a community can be. Every game I played before Destiny was a “mic-free” multiplayer experience. I never even thought about joining a clan (I love you, Resolute) or grouping up with online players every week, and now my life literally wouldn’t be the same without it.

My wife and I had our firstborn at the start of the COVID pandemic, and it was just terrifying. I’ll never forget how my Destiny family was there for me when my wife was hospitalized with hyperemesis, or how a clan member sent us baby supplies when they weren’t available locally (you you’re the best, Lttlen), or how my Trials team could reboot every weekend as we processed all the Trials we had IRL that week (Wilson, Merc, see you soon).

Wait, wait, I didn’t know we were chopping onions during this interview. But seriously, it was a really heartwarming story to share with us.

To inspire you a little more, let’s be a little more specific for this next question. What advice would you like to share with the New Lights as they join the ranks of Guardians?

To ask questions! Comment on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, TikTok—pretty much any social platform—if you need help with an activity or need advice! I know a new game can be intimidating, and maybe you’re coming from a game that’s not as social, but Destiny 2 has an incredibly helpful community. There are plenty of people out there who want to help you learn how to raid for the first time, show you a dungeon, or take you to the lighthouse.

Also check out the “Find a Squad” feature in the Destiny 2 app! I use it all the time! It’s so useful for content that might be a bit too difficult to do on your own.

Oh, I totally second ask! The community is truly one of the best when it comes to helping others learn and grow.

Alright, we’re nearing the end. The big questions are glossed over. ? Let’s talk about what you have to come next.

I’m starting to create “community voted” montages! It’s basically a challenge to take weapons that are unique, but not necessarily meta, and show off how incredibly cool they can still be. I can’t wait for the community to participate in choosing which ones they want to see next!

I’m also compiling a video on how to use Destiny community resources to help others use the numbers and stats I use in all of my breakdown videos. The community is amazing, and there are so many useful tools out there!

And finally, where can people find you and anything else you want to add?

First off, thank you for inviting me to share a bit of my cinematic videos and how much I love Destiny 2 so much.

To all the developers at Bungie, thank you for all of your hard work on the game that changed my life.

And finally, thank you to the members of the community who work on the incredible resources in Destiny 2 that make deep dive videos still possible.

[end scene]

This marks the end of this week’s Community Focus! Thanks again Lego for spending some time with us and sharing your story. Be sure to go say hello to her on her social media if you feel inclined!

Before we go, we just wanted to ask you to keep tagging us with your suggestions for future Community Focus on our social media. Remember that this is open to all members of the Destiny community who you think the community should know! We want to know who you turn to for everything from Grandmaster Nightfall loadout inspiration, to laughs and good times, to the best person to ask about your Guardian’s fashion choices. And memes. Of course, we want to see who has your favorite memes.

Have a great weekend, Guardians

Stay crafty!


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