Apparently Skyrim's $70 Anniversary Edition on Switch works like crap

Apparently Skyrim’s $70 Anniversary Edition on Switch works like crap

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Another year, another failed version of Skyrim. After being on the market for over a decade, Bethesda’s game that never dies has just seen its Anniversary Edition update on Nintendo Switch. (This edition, which hit other platforms last year, includes a new fishing mini-game along with other exclusive content.) You can only purchase the upgrade for $20 if you already own the full game that still runs for $60 on Nintendo’s hybrid console.or buy the complete Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition for $70, an increasingly ubiquitous price on all platforms. Unfortunately, it seems that however you get it, players say Skyrimit is Anniversary edition is totally broken on Switch, with reports of dropping frame rates and frequent game crashes flooding the internet.

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The Anniversary edition of Skyrim is the latest version of the colossal open-world RPG game, but I wouldn’t blame you for confusing it with any of the other versions Bethesda Software has gone down. According to some estimates, there are at least 17 different editions of Skyrim By this point. The Anniversary edition, also available on PC and other consoles, is essentially the full version. It brings together all the content of 2016 Special edition (including DLC ​​and creation tools) and introduces new features like aquariums and fishing. So if you’re looking to get the full Skyrim experience, bugs and all, the Anniversary edition is the way to go, even if you’re tired of buying it. I mean, I know I am and I’ve only bought the game maybe two or three different times so far.

People who bought Skyrimit is Anniversary Edition on Nintendo Switch, however, are not happy. All over the internet, from Reddit to Twitter to YouTube, there are reports from gamers criticizing the game’s abysmal performance. Users of r/NintendoSwitch, the subreddit dedicated to all things handheld console hybrid, discussed how it’s shitty Skyrim short, with frame rates consistently dropping below the 30 standard and frequent crashes. People have reportedly found that deleting and reinstalling the game fixes the crashing issues, but the frame rate issues still persist.

“Don’t buy Skyrim Anniversary Edition on Switch,” said Redditor fmo94 in their post on r/NintendoSwitch, along with a video showing the game in action. “The frame rate drops terribly.”

“Hey old scrolls [and] Bethesda, so since this Switch update there have been some serious frame rate issues in some cities, but mostly in Riften,” said Twitter user Pentonize. in response to the game’s official Twitter account promoting the Anniversary EditionThe Switch version of September 29. “The update is great to have on the Switch, but we need a patch to get it back to how it was!”

YouTuber Xiphos Gaming uploaded a video on September 30 showing Skyrimgarbage frame rate. Walking around a few different big cities, such as Dawnstar and Whiterun, you can see the game frequently drop below 30 frames per second. In some cases, such as Morthol and Riften, the Skyrim Anniversary edition on Switch it’s absolutely chug, barely hitting 20 frames per second.

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Bethesda Softworks

Bethesda said on its support page that he’s aware of what’s going on and “investigating reports of Nintendo Switch performance issues.” Time will tell if these issues, which have been happening for a few days now, will be resolved soon. However, that’s definitely not a good look for a game that’s over 10 years old, re-released ad nauseam, and was working more or less well on Switch before this update. You’d think performance wouldn’t be an issue with how often Bethesda worked Skyrim. I guess some bugs are indestructible.

My box has contacted Bethesda Game Studios for comment.

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