The Internet Reacts to Chris Pratt's Mario Voice - IGN

The Internet Reacts to Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice – IGN

Ever since the internet learned that Chris Pratt will voice Mario in the Super Mario Bros. of Nintendo and Illumination, one question hangs over everyone’s head: what will it look like?

Today, thanks to The Super Mario Bros. Movie Nintendo Direct, we finally have our answer. Turns out most people think Chris Pratt’s Mario voice…Sounds like Chris Pratt. To be fair, there’s not much to do. In the first trailer for the film, Mario only says two full lines: “What is this place?” and “Mushroom Kingdom here we come!” Still, fans immediately noticed that it pretty much sounds like Pratt is just using his normal voice.

While that might be a predictable outcome, Pratt himself didn’t help matters by upping the vocal performance, saying his take on Nintendo’s iconic plumber is “unlike anything you’ve heard before in Mario’s World”. He’s technically not wrong, since Chris Pratt has never appeared in Mario’s world before this movie, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from having fun with the big voice reveal.

The Internet Reacts to Chris Pratt’s Mario Voice

But even though fans didn’t like Chris Pratt’s Mario voice very much, they were generally pretty positive about the rest of the trailer.

Meanwhile, reception seems to be much more positive for Jack Black on Bowser, as the actor showed up at New York City Comic Con to show off his villainous voice more. We can learn more about Pratt, Black and the rest of the cast when The Super Mario Bros. Movie. will be released in theaters on April 7, 2023.

For more on the Super Mario Bros. movie, check out our articles on the movie’s first official poster and trailer. And tell us which Nintendo franchise you think deserves an upcoming big-screen adaptation.

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