VIPC Selects Quantum Computing Inc. as Partner for Risk-Based Flight Trajectories

VIPC Selects Quantum Computing Inc. as Partner for Risk-Based Flight Trajectories

Quantum Computing Inc.

Applied Quantum Computing Demonstration Project for Solutions to Real-World Problems

RICHMOND, Va. and LEESBURG, Va., Oct. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Virginia Innovation Partnership Society (VIPC) today announced a partnership with Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) (NASDAQ: QUBT), an emerging leader in accessible quantum computing based in Virginia, to determine optimal flight paths for unmanned aerial vehicles leveraging QCI Path to Quantum Consulting, Qataryst™ Softwareand Hardware of quantum photonic systems.

QCI will apply its quantum photonic systems to a critical risk management use case involving the selection of flight paths for unmanned aerial vehicles. As part of this effort, QCI will identify the optimal time, speed and route for drones to traverse between destinations, while satisfying airspace constraints and minimizing risks from weather conditions, obstacles and other aircraft through the use of QCI. Entropic Quantum Computing (EQC) systems.

Risk-based decision making is a real-world problem identified as a key strategic priority by the Federal Aviation Administration. QCI’s entropic quantum computing systems are well suited for solving complex optimization problems and show the potential to quickly identify optimized flight paths that minimize in-flight cost and risk.

VIPC is the not-for-profit commercialization and seed-stage economic development engine in the Commonwealth that leads funding, infrastructure and policy initiatives to support innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups and development strategies of Virginia market. VIPC works with local, regional, state and federal partners to support the expansion and diversification of Virginia’s economy and the development of emerging technologies such as quantum computing within the Commonwealth of Virginia to improve competitiveness and attract more business opportunities in the state.

As part of this project, QCI and VIPC plan to leverage sensor and micro-weather data collected by the Virginia Flight Information Exchange (VA-FIX), an information center focused on providing state and local data. authority in support of unmanned aerial systems. VIPC views these components as key breakthrough technologies for advanced air mobility in Virginia.

“Our partnership with Virginia-based QCI is designed to test and discover the impact of quantum computing solutions on complex problems,” said David Ihrie, chief technical officer and vice president of strategic initiatives at VIPC. “Emerging technology will require faster and more efficient quantum computing solutions. We strive to ensure that Virginia is ready for safe and efficient technology integration.

“VIPC and the Commonwealth of Virginia demonstrated technology leadership with this project, focusing on real-world problems involving quantum computing. QCI is delighted with the opportunity to partner with VIPC on this project,” said Robert Liscouski, CEO of QCI. “QCI is eager to demonstrate that quantum computing offers commercial solutions to today’s problems, not just in computing power, but in other applications including LiDAR and quantum networks.”

About Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC)
Connecting innovators to opportunities. The not-for-profit operations arm of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority (VIPA), VIPC is the commercialization and seed-stage economic development engine in the Commonwealth that directs funding, infrastructure, and policy initiatives for supporting Virginia’s innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, and market development strategies. VIPC works with local, regional, state and federal partners to support the expansion and diversification of Virginia’s economy.

Programs include: Virginia Venture Partners (VVP) | Virginia Founders Fund (VFF) | Commonwealth Marketing Fund (CCF) | Smart Communities | Unmanned Systems | Entrepreneurial ecosystems | Regional Innovation Fund (RIF) | Federal Funding Assistance Program (FFAP) for SBIR & STTR | University partnerships | Mentoring and engagement of start-up companies. For more information, please visit Follow VIPC on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

About Quantum Computing Inc.
Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI) (NASDAQ: QUBT) is a full-stack quantum software and hardware company whose mission is to accelerate the value of quantum computing for real-world industrial applications, delivering the future quantum computing today. The combination of QCI’s off-the-shelf flagship software, Catalyst with its industry-leading Entropic Quantum Computing (EQC) system, Dirac 1, provides a widely accessible and affordable enterprise quantum solution that can solve real business problems right now. QCI’s team of finance, IT, security, math and physics experts has over a century of combined experience with complex technologies; from cutting-edge supercomputing, to precision sensors and imaging technology, to the security that protects nations. For more information on QCI, visit

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