Fuji Spray Auto V8 Series Spray Gun

The pistol designed be easy to use, versatile and comfortable.

Fuji vaporizer doesn’t start in the automotive industry. Since 1986, Fuji Spray has been creating industry-leading spray equipment for a variety of Industries from sunless tanning to woodworking it’s easy to use and to brings the best spray experience.

“We have user satisfaction in mind, both in terms of product and customer service,” says Kamil KostrzynskiFuji Spray Sales Manager. “Our company has been well known for years in thee woodwork and even the sunless industries as one of the best customer service companies not only in the industry, but just in general.

Fuji Spray noticed that their X Series compressor guns, intended for woodworking, were used for automotive refinishing. Of this Fuji vaporizer started designing a series of spray guns specifically for automotive finish and collision repair industrythat’s to say. Fuji Spray Auto left out no detail when designing the V8 series spray gunlistening carefully to industrial workers to discover it more Iimportant elements include for a high-end car spray gun.

After working alongside industry professionals through an extensive testing process, Fuji Spray Auto has launched the V8 series spray guns. Equipped wwith the largest fan model on the market and a Lightweight in design, the V8 series guns are efficient, comfortable and easy to use.

Fan pattern

The V8 series spray guns to offer a unique fan model control. Side-mounted control is convenientlily located be both comfortable, and to bring outstanding performance. It creates a 13 inch fan pattern, the biggest of all on the market, allowing you to cover an impressive area while you spray. It increases efficiency to get make the most of your weapon and your time in the cabin.

42 MP-V8 3.jpg


The V8 series pistols wbefore created to be light and comfortable, weighing only 1.15 books. Guns are designed with minimal internal components for easythere mmaintenance without sacrificing performance. The light and ergonomic pattern prevents hand cramps and lets you vape all day. Jits precision trigger To allows you to get a full accelerator spray without having been ablet unnecessary force on the trigger reach a nice smooth finish.

The V8 series pistols come in two versions: MP-V8 and H-V8 which allows youo meet the needs of any project. The H-V8 is a high-volume low pressure gun this maximizes transfer efficiency to limit overspray and material waste, saviof your money. The MP-V8 half pressure pistol ppractice at a slightly higher pressure, ranging frabout 9-35psi. This gun is designed for high production facilities spraying water based and solvent-based coatings as well as high viscosityty finishes.

Both guns are compatible with the most common disposable cup systems on the market, which allows for easy cleaning.

Customer service

Fuji Spray Auto not only creates topquality products but has the customer top notch service.

We stand behind our products. We offer assistance in terms of agreement products and repair,” says Kostrzynski. “Wwe are available to the user to ensure that they are get what they are pay and that their product is perform the path it is intended. We take their suggestions and product notes very seriously and when it is necessarywe make adjustments.

When you purchase a Fuji Spray Auto spray gun, you can be sure you are getting a top quality product designed with your needs in mind.

Now is the best time to try a new V8 series spray gun. Fuji Spray currently offers a V8 Sbundling series where you box purchase two discounted V8 gunse! Whether you prioritize transfer efficiency or comfortFuji Spray Auto has a sterilization gun for you. For more information or to order a V8 Series spray gun, visit: https://fujisprayauto.com/

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