Testimony: Susie Zhao's killer searched the internet 2,000 times for violent sex

Testimony: Susie Zhao’s killer searched the internet 2,000 times for violent sex

White Lake residents Ronald Groeneveld and Daniel Knoblock were driving along the road through the Pontiac Lake Recreation Area on their way to work on July 13, 2020 when they spotted something unusual in a small parking lot in gravel to their left.

At first they didn’t know what it was, thinking it might be a burnt dummy. So they stopped to take a closer look – and made a gruesome discovery. It was a human body lying on its back, partly bloody, with its legs apart.

Knoblock immediately called 911 and police were on the scene within about 10 minutes.

A day later, after an autopsy, investigators used fingerprints to identify the victim as 33-year-old Susie “Susie Q” Zhao.

Susie Zhao

A former professional poker player, Zhao had recently moved from California to Oakland County where she grew up after immigrating from China when she was around 9 years old. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, she lived part-time with her mother and stepfather in their Waterford Township home, police said, and also frequented a Waterford Township motel.

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