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Are you an experienced journalist? Are you interested in the next generation of personal computing? Do you believe in the long-term promise of VR to bring together people who are physically distant from each other?

If this is you, keep reading.


UploadVR is looking to hire an experienced writer who can help our audience sort fact from fiction, highlight innovative and interesting VR work, and help our audience understand what they need to know.

Ideally, our next editor is already familiar with VR games and headsets and can quickly identify how a developer’s intent and execution will resonate with gamers. You will be expected to test the latest VR content and the successful candidate will be adept at communicating on a deadline, in writing or via video, what gamers need to know about specific software.

The role will see you producing varied content covering all aspects of the VR and AR industry. However, we are also looking for someone with a particular focus on VR games and software, in the hopes that you will significantly boost our game review coverage. The ideal candidate should be prepared to test VR games before release and prepare written reviews under tight deadlines.

Other responsibilities may include:

– Produce occasional video content, as needed

– Appearances on our podcasts broadcast live from VR, such as The VR Gamescast

– Attend industry events to preview new games and hardware

– Capture VR gameplay footage

Minimum qualifications, skills and experience

– Excellent oral and written communication skills

– Previous journalism experience with games or VR/AR journalism preferred

– Solid understanding of SEO best practices

– Good knowledge of headsets, games and VR/AR content (bonus points if you already own a headset or a gaming PC)

– Solid general knowledge of the gaming and technology industries

– Willing to travel

– Willing to spend a lot of time in helmets

– Willing to work remotely, host meetings and coordinate content across multiple time zones

Recommended qualifications, skills and experience

– Previous experience in game review (VR or other)

– Experience recording gameplay footage (especially VR)

– Experience in video editing using tools such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro

– Basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop

How to register

To apply, please send a copy of your CV at jobs@uploadvr.comalongside a cover letter retailer how you meet the job criteria and including links to examples of your work.

UploadVR strives to create an inclusive and diverse workplace, and we encourage applicants from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

About UploadVR

We are a small team of journalists spread across the globe dedicated to charting the next generation of personal computing. We have no physical office and are independent as a publication while striving for accuracy, integrity and fairness in all that we do. We defend the consumer first and are transparent about our practices and standards. We respect unique perspectives and collaborate both internally as well as with freelancers and correspondents to ensure we provide useful information. We are also in constant contact with many developers and researchers to understand the changing VR landscape as we strive to communicate exactly how new technologies will change the game.

At UploadVR, we believe VR’s greatest superpower is its ability to bridge distance and bring people together. We are under no illusions, however, that the way forward is obvious or that our current views on this medium will still be true years from now. This means that we are constantly learning, individually and as a team, how to sharpen our voice and more effectively reach people who need direct answers on how best to spend their time and money.

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