CD Projekt RED Announces Three New Witcher Games, New Cyberpunk 2077 Game, and New 'Hadar' IP - Gematsu

CD Projekt RED Announces Three New Witcher Games, New Cyberpunk 2077 Game, and New ‘Hadar’ IP – Gematsu

CD Project RED [187 articles]” href=””>CD Projekt RED has announced five new projects: a new Witcher game named “Sirius” by The Molasses Flood [11 articles]” href=””>The Molasses Flood, new Witcher CD Projekt RED trilogy, new Witcher game named “Canis Majoris” by a third party, new Cyberpunk 2077 [63 articles]” href=”″>Cyberpunk 2077 game named “Orion” by CD Projekt RED’s new Boston studio, and a brand new IP named “Hadar” by CD Projekt RED.

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Long-term product prospects

the witcher

“Now allow me to present to you our production plans for the coming years. The first three versions of our pipeline will belong to the witcher franchise, and we have already started pre-production on two of them,” said CD Projekt RED President and Co-CEO Adam Kicinski.

Sirius (by The Molasses Flood)

The Witcher - Sirius

“The Molasses Flood game, codenamed ‘Sirius’, is set in the Witcher universe and is being created with support from developers CD Projekt RED. It will be different from our past productions, in that it is aimed at a wider audience. In addition to the single-player experience, players will be able to play with others, as “Sirius” will contain the multiplayer mode [86 articles]” href=””>multiplayer.

New Witcher Trilogy (by CD Projekt RED)

The Witcher - Polaris

“Another project, named “Polaris”, is the game that opens the new Witcher saga, further develops the open-world storytelling known from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There will be three games in the saga and we aim to deliver them over a period of six years from the release of Polaris. It’s a bold statement as we’re talking about three full-scale productions, but we really mean it and we have a plan to make it happen. The second and third tranches will benefit, technologically, from the foundations laid during the development of Polaris. In this way, we aim to make the development process smoother while remaining creatively ambitious.

major dog (by a third party [18 articles]” href=””>Party)

The Witcher - Canis Majoris

“The next project – codenamed ‘Canis Majoris’ – will be another project in its own right Witcher production. It will be created by an external studio that Michal just mentioned, run by experienced developers who have worked on it before. Witcher Games. Technically, we plan to use Unreal Engine 5 and the set of tools we are creating for Polaris.

Cyberpunk 2077

“As you have seen, there is a lot going on in the world of the witcherso let’s jump into the dystopian future.

phantom freedom (Cyberpunk 2077 Extension by CD Projekt RED)

“This year we plan to release […] a major expansion for Cyberpunk 2077titled ‘Phantom Liberty.’

Orion (by CD Projekt RED)

Cyberpunk 2077 - Orion

“Another project we want to focus on is Orion, again it’s a code name, the next cyberpunk game that will fully unleash the potential offered by this universe. Our ambitious plans will require hard work, dedication and additional team growth.

“Speaking of which, I have some important news to share. We are creating a new studio based in North America. Alongside The Molasses Flood, which will remain Sirius-only, we are setting up a team in Boston which, along with our existing Vancouver-based team, will establish CD Projekt RED North America. This studio will be responsible for leading the development of Orion. This move will allow us to fully tap into the North American talent pool.”

■ New IP

Hadar (by CD Projekt RED)


“I’m thrilled to announce that CD Projekt RED has begun creative exploration of a third, entirely separate IP address, named ‘Hadar,'” said Michal Nowakowski, senior vice president of business development at CD Projekt RED. “We started thinking about it a few years ago. Early concept work began in 2021 and, for the first time in our history, the IP is fully incubated within CD Projekt RED. It is important to understand that we are not making a game yet. We are working on the foundations of this new setting.

■ Multiplayer

CD Projekt RED - Multiplayer

“That would be all about new games, but we have more to share with you today. While we believe our games and the worlds we create within them tell great stories that impact many people, we also believe that letting players interact with each other will create new experiences for them. In doing so, we do not in any way want to make the single-player experience smaller because of this direction. Importantly, Unreal Engine 5 , our new engine, offers a solid technological framework, allowing us to develop multiplayer for most of our future titles.Our approach to developing online skills, as well as a broad overview of the Group’s technological developments, are presented by the administrators responsible for these respective areas.

Message from Marcin Iwinski

“Hello everyone,

“Today I have news that is important for me and for the company.

“I am starting a whole new personal chapter at CD Projekt, as I will submit my candidacy for the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board, leaving my role as Co-CEO behind.

“By the end of 2022, I will hand over my functions to my colleagues on the Board of Directors. For me, it’s a big moment. I’ve been with CD Projekt for nearly 30 years and watched it grow from a handful of passionate rebels to an internationally recognized developer of story-based role-playing games loved by millions around the world. Back when Michal Kicinski and I founded the company, I don’t think any of us could have imagined this incredible journey, not even in our wildest dreams.

“When I think about the future of CD Projekt, it’s so exciting for me. Today, the company has more than 1,200 people in offices all over the world. But CD Projekt has never been a matter of location or physical scale – it all depends on the enormous amount of talent we have, and the hard work and dedication of everyone who chooses to work here.

“It’s because of that incredible commitment and talent that I have the same feeling right now that I had all those years ago – hunger and optimism for what lies ahead. feel like this is just the beginning. Our hugely ambitious strategy has such an inspiring and strong team at the helm, and I deeply believe in our plan to take CD Projekt to new heights. As such, I have intend to remain a major shareholder and, in my new non-executive role, I will remain active and engaged focusing on supporting the entire Management Board and staying connected to the heart of what makes us special, namely create the best storytelling games in the world and do good for players.

“I want to thank everyone who has ever been a part of what I believe to be one of the fastest growing video game companies in the world. I say this to every member of the RED team, to every business partner and, most importantly, to every player… From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

—Marcin Iwinski
Co-Founder, Co-CEO, CD Projekt RED

Watch the full strategy update from CD Projekt Group announcing the new projects below.

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