SolidRun unveils an Arm-based software-defined DPU for the edge

SolidRun unveils an Arm-based software-defined DPU for the edge

SolidRun, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance system-on-module (SOM) solutions, single-board computers (SBCs), and network edge solutions, announced SolidNET, a line of processing units ArmĀ®-based PCIe software-defined data (DPU) half-height, half-length (HHHL) cards based on off-the-shelf 16-core NXP LX2162A SoCs.

Offering customers full flexibility to implement software-defined networking (SDN), network security, and acceleration features based on virtIO, DPDK, and NVMe standards, these powerful data center solutions come with all the the key elements required for next-generation cloud computing. .

SolidNET software-defined DPUs accelerate next-generation cloud-scale computing

Enabling 100% bare metal and virtualized/containerized infrastructure as a service (IaaS), these robust and flexible DPUs completely offload the hypervisor from the host server processor, transferring network and NVMe functions to the DPU, creating physical isolation between server computing resources. and infrastructure. This provides vast service offload capabilities and is perfect for network management, storage and security abstractions to hide advanced application topologies, SDN overlays, mesh, NVMeoF, HSM network, private cloud virtual (VPC), etc. With a dedicated DPU, application performance is greatly improved, making SolidNET DPUs an ideal solution for virtualized and bare metal hosting infrastructure services. Additionally, with a SolidNET DPU, these functions no longer compete with application workloads for server cores, memory, or storage resources, and benefit from enhanced server security with management capabilities. independent out-of-band, secure boot, and root of trust support.

SolidNET software-defined DPUs provide flexible integration for a variety of application-level offloading and acceleration functions, such as L4 firewall, DDOS, bot detection, API gateway, and more. This is extremely beneficial when running workloads at the edge of the cloud to increase efficiency by maximizing the use of the host CPU to run the required application/service algorithms, while the DPU performs the function base according to application instructions. For example, DDoS attack filtering can be performed by the DPU according to filter tables built and maintained by the application running on the host server CPU.

SolidNET DPUs are a multi-vendor solution that uses off-the-shelf Arm-based SoCs from the industry’s leading chipmakers. This opens up a wide variety of hardware solutions and potential vendors and allows SolidRun to support different features and benefits while keeping hardware costs low. Because complex network services are offloaded to the DPU, customers can further reduce data center costs through the use of more power-efficient data center network infrastructure hardware.

In early testing, customers have had tremendous success using SolidNET DPUs for software-defined networking functions and application-level acceleration, allowing the DPU to function as a dedicated server within from a server. This provides tremendous benefits for enterprise security acceleration, uPOP CDN acceleration, and infrastructure cloud services. With an abundant software ecosystem for the Arm platform, SolidNET DPUs can be fully customized and optimized for the most stringent applications of today and tomorrow, while maintaining the highest performance possible.

NXP Layerscape LX2162A general-purpose, 16-core Arm-based processors powering SolidNET DPUs deliver massive compute capabilities, while the PCIe card form factor makes it ideal for upgrading cloud data center servers , edge, and enterprise for SDN applications. Operating separately from the host server, these DPU cards boot into a general-purpose operating system such as Linux and provide independent out-of-band management capability. This provides tight security isolation of the hosting system from the cloud network infrastructure (VPC, encryption, storage services, etc.). Other Arm-based SoC options will be announced later.

SolidNET products are compatible with Linux-based SDN software applications, including DPDK, which provides data plane libraries and network interface controller poll mode drivers to offload many network services and functions. For example, TCP segmentation from the operating system kernel to processes running in DPU user space.

Mordi Blaunstein, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at SolidRun
With the increasing demand for performance in data centers, securing infrastructure and scaling performance is becoming a major challenge. SolidRun’s DPU allows servers to be isolated from infrastructure at the node level, abstracting from open standards-based infrastructure, making it more capable for about the same cost as a standard smartNIC .

Imran Yusuf, Director of Hardware Ecosystem, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm
DPUs provide an efficient way to optimize resource utilization and reduce operating costs across the data center. Offloading applications that historically ran on server processors to high-performance, efficient Arm-based processors benefits a wide range of AI/ML, database, storage, and security applications and microservices. SolidRun’s software-defined DPUs will provide a simplified user experience by leveraging the robust Arm software ecosystem.

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