Q-CTRL Launches Learning Platform to Make Enterprises Quantum-Ready - High Performance Computing News Analysis |  inside the HPC

Q-CTRL Launches Learning Platform to Make Enterprises Quantum-Ready – High Performance Computing News Analysis | inside the HPC

SYDNEY, October 4, 2022 – Q-CTRL, a quantum control infrastructure software company, today launched Black Opal Enterprise, an expanded version of its learning platform designed to help enterprises adopt quantum computing .

Q-CTRL said Black Opal Enterprise is the only complete and interactive enterprise-ready quantum computing education platform, which now includes user management, tracking, analytics and co- branding. Its launch follows the release of Black Opal for individual users in April 2022.

Q-CTRL’s first Black Opal Enterprise customers include quantum computing provider IonQ, as well as soon-to-be-announced Big Four consultancies, a Fortune 500 petrochemical company, a military unit in Australia and a government research center in Australia. UK.

The platform is designed to make it easy to learn quantum computing, regardless of their career path.

“Black Opal is reducing the barriers to understanding quantum computing for businesses and organizations that are building quantum-ready teams and empowered customers,” said Mick Conroy, Q-CTRL Product Manager for Black Opal. “In our customer engagement – ​​and even in my own on-the-job quantum computing learning journey – we discovered how powerful building the right visual tools with enterprise functionality could be.”

The demand for people with technical expertise is even more acute in the quantum industry, and employees are demanding the kind of personalized training that Black Opal Enterprise offers, according to Q-CTRL. Companies use the platform to train new hires and long-time employees.

“As one of Black Opal Enterprise’s earliest customers, I find the depth of content and quality of execution of Q-CTRL’s edtech tool for quantum computing to be very impressive,” said Ariel Braunstein, SVP Product and Marketing at IonQ. “The tool will facilitate internal training initiatives to onboard new employees and support their growth. Quantum computing is an exciting new industry and there is always something new to learn, for all levels of expertise.

Black Opal Enterprise features include:

● Co-branded user experience pages

● Per-seat licensing structure with account management and administrative functions providing flexibility to change learner cohorts

● Detailed usage analytics to ensure learning cohorts are tracking goals

● Recognize achievements with co-branded completion badges and digital learning certificates

● Dedicated customer support forum and access to experts

Based on the laws of physics at the smallest scale, quantum computing is set to transform the world by enabling scientists and business leaders to solve problems previously thought impossible, from developing new fuels and more efficient batteries improving risk management and operational efficiency. The Boston Consulting Group estimates the potential impact at $850 billion per year.

Building a quantum-ready workforce is a critical challenge for companies looking to get ahead of this rapidly emerging industry. Organizations need to start preparing now for the arrival of this technology. In February 2022, the US National Quantum Coordination Office (NQCO) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) released the National Strategic Plan for Quantum Information Science and Technology Workforce Development, which directly identified the need for business leaders and quantum-ready professionals.

For more details on Black Opal Enterprise, check out this blog post. To learn more about Black Opal, check this here.

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