Venus Protocol will sponsor a community SIM racer to compete in the VR-1 SIM Race Tournament.

Venus Protocol will sponsor a community SIM racer to compete in the VR-1 SIM Race Tournament.

Venus Protocol, in conjunction with UFF Sports and CUDOS, is launching a season-long SIM Racing league open to all crypto-based projects. The league and all tournaments will run the same way as real-world racing seasons.

Venus Protocol is pleased to announce that entry fees for this upcoming tournament can be paid in $VAI or $BUSD. Prize money for this upcoming tournament will be awarded in $VAI. We believe this will bring more utility to our decentralized stablecoin as well as exposure to participants involved before the launch of our VAI stability fee.

The races will be broadcast on multiple streaming platforms with professional commentary and publicity opportunities. Projects will enter the league, creating prize pools for top teams. The community will design the race cars (livery) and build a community-supported team of drivers and support staff.

Racing is an easy-to-understand global sport for everyone and with today’s graphics, it’s hard to tell if you’re watching real racing or a digital version.

Why would a project participate?

  • Marketing is very expensive with mixed and often disappointing results, as influencers and crypto channels are full of bots and fake inactive followers. VR-1 offers a minimal cost alternative with long term exposure, as races will be held year round.
  • VR-1 engages the community of a project as they will participate in design competitions and/or support the racing team as a driver or team member.
  • Race cars, racing images and engine sound are great marketing content that can be used everywhere. It’s so aesthetically pleasing and can be changed at any time.
  • Audience reach is amplified by all other races. Projects will have the opportunity to get noticed by racing alongside the biggest crypto projects in the world, creating a bundled marketing effort that will benefit everyone involved as our community and viewers grow.
  • Projects can generate revenue by winning prize pools to use in further marketing or to reward their community.
  • There are plans to feature races in multiple Metaverses throughout the circuit, which gives exposure to the Metaverse but also showcases all of the projects participating in that Metaverse community.

What are the marketing opportunities?

  • As mentioned above, having car, driver, team, and racing images is great marketing content.
  • The races will be streamed live across multiple platforms, creating incredibly fun competition and entertainment for communities to watch and cheer on.
  • Livery (car design) and team uniform competitions create community interaction and buzz.
  • Like design contests, projects can choose pilots and team members from their community.
  • Crypto investors are passionate about the projects they are involved in, and this kind of year-round interaction encourages loyalty.
  • Commercials will be available throughout the broadcasts.
  • Each race will have a feature film project with airtime to showcase their project and/or latest developments.

What can the community do?

Custom liveries will be allowed during the tournament. There are six cars to choose from, so choose your cars wisely as they each have their own unique driving style and characteristics. If a member of the Venus community would like to design the Venus car livery, please see the model files and instructions at Submit your design and it could be chosen!

There will be 30 participants competing in the global VR-1 simulation racing tournament. Venus Protocol will sponsor a pilot to compete by paying the entry fee of $5,000 in $VAI*1. VR-1 is offering a prize pool of $105,000*2 which will be distributed to the top 8 drivers in the championship. Winnings will be entirely attributed to the driver. The breakdown of the prize pool is as follows:

Championship finish

VR1 kitty*2

















The VR-1 Race is an amazing way to bring the crypto space together, leverage our communities, deliver effective and cost-effective marketing, and perhaps most importantly, have fun in a maturing space. again and which has its ups and downs.

Venus Community Members interested in being a driver must have previous SIM Racing experience. Venus Protocol will organize a pilot selection time trial. For more details and information, please join our dedicated Telegram group:



Venus Protocol invites other BNB Chain projects to the race! We encourage you to participate in this tournament, to register please follow the instructions provided on the UFF Sports website at

Join the official UFF Sports Telegram channel:

Full details and instructions are available at

*1VR1 registration fees are paid in $VAI where 1 VAI represents $1 USD.

*2The VR1 kitty paid in $VAI where 1 VAI represents 1$ USD.

Image credit: Venus Protocol

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