Zipteams launches AI-powered direct-to-customer widget for websites

Zipteams launches AI-powered direct-to-customer widget for websites

Zip Connect – Embeddable smart meeting rooms for websites

Zipteams, a conversational intelligence-based sales SaaS platform, launched Zip Connect, an embeddable smart meeting room for websites.

With Zip Connect, we want to empower sales teams with direct communication channels with customers so they attend to customers exactly when they need help and dramatically disrupt website conversions. »

— Siddhartha Srivastava, Founder and CEO

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, Oct. 4, 2022 / — Zipteams, a virtual sales SaaS platform powered by conversational intelligence, has launched Zip Connect, an embeddable meeting room for websites.

Zip Connect easily integrates into an organization’s customer workflows on the website, CRMs, and other customer-facing applications and enables sales and customer success teams to connect with customers at the moment where they need help. The widget is smart to identify customer support need on websites and immediately connects the customer to a sales representative. Businesses can customize their own flow by asking qualifying questions and taking relevant details from a website visitor before connecting the prospect to the right sales rep.

By ensuring that high-intent website visitors can talk to sales reps instantly, Zip Connect can dramatically improve marketing ROI by creating a warm lead funnel and improving sales conversions.

The widget is powered by WebRTC and enables both audio and video calls with a customer, including screen sharing, whiteboarding and other conferencing features, allowing a sales representative to offer a excellent experience to customers and to answer all their questions correctly. when they have it. This has a significant impact on the customer’s propensity to buy immediately or have a solid understanding of the product proposition when they have taken the time to visit your website.

Zip Connect is a disruptive way to emulate what happens in a physical store. A sales rep is always ready to meet a customer who needs support in a store, similarly, Zip Connect enables internal sales teams to be ready to meet customers when they visit the website and assist them when they need it. With the evolution of buyer journeys, customers are looking to discover themselves first, then speak to someone instantly when they have questions or need help. This is the only time a customer is truly engaged with your product or service, so having your best sales rep take care of the customer instantly will ensure that the customer is fully satisfied with their experience when they spend time visiting. your website.

On the sales side, Zip Connect ensures that the sales person has all the information needed to talk to the customer in a very contextual way. It collects information from the web, CRMs, and other tools to provide sales teams with a real-time sales playbook environment that guides them with contextual information to talk to customers smarter and convert them faster.

The meeting rooms also feature call recording and transcription which ensures that all customer call history is available in one place. It also integrates into the CRM to convey relevant customer information.

Embedding Zip Connect on websites only takes a few minutes. Simply get the embed code and add it to your branded website headers or menus. Sales teams on the other side can sign up at to activate their profiles and start talking to customers instantly.

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