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ClearTouch Powers Agent Efficiency with AI in Contact Centers

Businesses today need to empower their agents to make decisions and provide them with the necessary tools powered by AI, because the collaboration of AI and humans produces better results by powering the agent efficiency and giving them the bandwidth to handle requests that require human empathy. ClearTouch, a cloud-hosted contact center platform provider, improves the potential customer experience of organizations in multiple industries such as banking, insurance, healthcare, BPO, ARM/Collections, e-commerce and automotive and helps companies increase the efficiency of their agents. Uthaman Bakthikrishnan, Executive Vice President, ClearTouch shares his thoughts on how they help organizations in the same field and how AI and data analytics help contact center agents improve customer experience.

  1. What is the current state of AI adoption in the contact center industry? Can you tell us more about some of the most notable trends?

Contact centers are the backbone of an organization around which the whole perception of a company is formed. This segment currently accounts for a 33.4% share of the global artificial intelligence (AI) in call center market, and it will continue to grow.

Various trends are emerging in this space. Amid the pandemic-induced lockdown, contact centers have witnessed the rise of omnichannel and virtual assistants to manage growing customer demands. Agents have shifted to remote work in large numbers, making cloud platforms more critical than ever. And as these new realities converge, it’s fascinating to consider what lies ahead in the evolution of contact center technologies. There is a boom in hyper-personalization – which essentially unites real-time customer data with AI to generate insights that can be further enhanced by businesses in useful ways. For example, while monitoring an individual’s sentiment in real time, if through information it is known that the customer is unhappy and the business is in jeopardy, the contact center can trigger a discount offer; or alternatively, the contact center can add this customer to an outbound list for a more personal touch, for a human to proactively make amends. Another major emerging trend is contact centers adopting tools like conversational AI, which basically refers to the use of AI-powered chatbots and voicebots. This technology helps automate much of the query resolution through conversational intelligence. Conversational intelligence works by applying advanced analytical techniques to text and voice conversations, which helps uncover hidden data and information. Then there’s this tendency to evolve our good old software like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and IVR and get a lot more out of it than usual. Like IVR transforming into intelligent bots and evolving from traditional menu systems/algorithms into intelligent ‘voicebots’ capable of handling complex customer queries.

  1. How does AI collaborate with humans and help offload their tasks?

What differentiates a successful business from a failing business is the customer experience. In recent years, this has not only proved itself due to the growing demand for a personalized customer experience, but has also pushed companies to respond faster to their customers. So businesses these days understandably face challenges in bridging the gap between their customers’ expectations and their delivery and on top of that, making sure this happens without hampering the efficiency of their agents is too much to ask. This is where the AI ​​comes into play. AI helps analyze and map consumer needs, wants, desires and behaviors and enlightens human agents on this, facilitating their tasks by decoding the customer well using technologies such as natural language (NLP). It helps solve Tier 1 customer service issues by redirecting them to website FAQs or chatbots, which helps filter queries and offloads agents from repetitive calls and gives agents the bandwidth to chat. focus on queries that require human emotion and empathy. At its core, AI provides the context to accurately guide automation, whether it’s led by humans or machines.

  1. How does artificial intelligence and data analytics help contact center agents improve customer experience?

AI is improving the customer service journey in a variety of ways, including tracking conversations in real time and providing feedback to service agents. Voice Analytics can provide many benefits to a contact center. As data is collected from each call, managers can see where their call center agent is lacking in customer service and how to improve. Agents may need to know more about the product or service, or consumers may not be satisfied with the way they are being treated. Voice Analytics can pick up on those little details and give managers ideas on how to improve customer service. AI-powered Voice Analytics software takes recorded voice and breaks it into structured data which is then analyzed using high-end technology to recognize words, pitch, acoustic measurements and even the amount of silence in a conversation. It also helps guide agents to the next best action with in-call coaching alerts that speed resolution and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Automatically manage promises made during calls, such as ordering spare parts, scheduling service calls, etc., which delights the customer as their query was resolved in the blink of an eye.

ClearTouch’s voice analytics tools can help reveal deep business insights that are hidden in every customer interaction. For example, one of our banking clients used our voice analytics to deeply analyze thousands of recorded calls to identify frequently asked queries. It helped them set up a self-service platform, and they used our solution to raise red flags by identifying words and phrases based on lists predefined by users.

  1. What are ClearTouch’s offerings and how do they help differentiate their CX?

We support over 1500+ corporate clients globally and over 25000 agents in India, and to meet the ever growing demand from the plethora of industries we cater to, we have added many holistic and easy to use bundles. of tools to our portfolio. For the past five years, we have been the only company in India to provide a pure, managed cloud contact center platform with free customization. We provide an omnichannel experience for businesses, which means you get a single view of your customers, regardless of the channels they use to reach you. Next, one of our most unique tools is List Management, which helps businesses manage all consumer touchpoints and interact with collected data in real time, ensuring greater visibility into your data center. calls. Services such as workforce management and optimization that ensure you have the right support when demand increases and also help improve agent productivity through training, coaching, mentoring, reward and compliance. service level agreements (SLA) with end customers. Solutions like inbound and outbound calls which basically help to route customer queries based on their skills, time frame and location. ClearTouch’s “always-on” cloud-based delivery model gives customers immediate access to the latest version of the ClearTouch platform as well as the flexibility to easily scale up or down as they adapt to changing business needs

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