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Draper University and CEEK Launch Revolutionary VR and Metaverse Hacker House

VR builders from around the world are invited to Silicon Valley to build the CEEK Metaverse

SAN MATEO, CA /ACCESSWIRE/September 26, 2022/ The House of CEEK is the first virtual reality hacker house that will see top candidates congregate on the immersive campus of Draper University in Silicon Valley to create experiential destinations for the CEEK Metaverse and fight for over 160,000 $ in cash, tokens, and virtual land.

Draper University Principal Tim Draper believes that the partnership between Draper U and CEEK has the potential to revolutionize and evolve traditional sectors.

“The Metaverse has the ability to completely change entertainment and education as we know it. At Draper University, we are extremely excited to partner with CEEK to support their growth, with a first-of-its-kind Hacker House Virtual Reality Builder, and to launch our Virtual Campus, adding a new dimension to entrepreneurial education. .

Draper University Chief Executive Officer Asra Nadeem noted that the move is in line with Draper University’s pioneering brand.

“This is a very unique experience for the selected VR builders. Making the top 20 means you’ve already won! You have the opportunity to stay on campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, learn from veterans of Draper U and fight to walk away with money, prizes and tokens, thanks to CEEK. The experience will be incredible and what will be created will be shared with millions of users on the platform.

CEEK is no stranger to the Metaverse having hosted some of the biggest names in entertainment at LIVE events including Lady Gaga, Ziggy Marley and The Game. The ability to add new locations and experiences for CEEK’s user base is incredibly appealing.

CEO of CEEK, Mary Spio, said the partnership with Draper University is not only mutually beneficial, but creates space for breakthrough innovations.

“We are excited to partner with Draper University so we can leverage their network and expertise in accelerating blockchain ecosystems. The novelty of creating a hacker house-style program for on-campus builders with a truly dynamic cohort just made sense. In addition to building entertainment properties into the metaverse, we’re excited about how the learning experiences will take shape. That’s why we’ve partnered with DraperU on their entrepreneurship-focused programs as a platform provider. With the House of CEEK, you have the opportunity to build for us, stay at Draper U, earn money and prizes, and create assets that will be used by some of the biggest artists in the world!

The “House of CEEK” VR construction program will run from October 17 to November 11, 2022 with applications now open at

About Draper University

Draper University, an immersive entrepreneurship institution founded by venture capitalist Tim Draper. Draper University is a Silicon Valley-based accelerator offering a combination of onsite and virtual programs designed to build the understanding and foundations of the next generation of startup founders and entrepreneurs. With the goal of connecting international startup ecosystems, Draper University has always worked to build bridges between these ecosystems and Silicon Valley.

About CEEK

CEEK is an award-winning developer of premium virtual social and augmented reality experiences. Our mission is to empower creators with the tools to generate new revenue streams from their digital art. We pride ourselves on helping musical artists, athletes, creators and event makers create exquisite direct fan experiences that delight and drive long-term, sustainable engagement in existing and emerging virtual worlds.

CEEK simulates the common experience of attending a live concert, being in a classroom, attending a sporting event, and other exclusive “cashless” experiences with friends from anywhere and at any time.

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