1Block Collaborates With Highly Wanted Anime 'Baki Hanma' To Sell Virtual Sneakers |  The Ritz Herald

1Block Collaborates With Highly Wanted Anime ‘Baki Hanma’ To Sell Virtual Sneakers | The Ritz Herald

Technology-centric organization 1SEC is pleased to announce that its web3 creative studio 1BLOCK has finally acquired a unique partnership with action anime “Baki Hanma” to begin selling virtual sneakers.

The collaborative virtual sneakers feature the main characters from the anima, their fight scenes, as well as their popular scenes. All sneakers will also be minted as NFTs. It only means that all designs will be unique and one of a kind.

Virtual sneakers come in the form of NFTs or non-fungible tokens, which work using blockchain technology. This indicates that each pair is unique and has a digital keychain that confirms its authenticity but is permanently known on the blockchain. They can be worn either as digital wearables for an avatar in virtual spaces or viewed through augmented reality (AR) filters.

There will be twenty-five (25) items to hit, and the schedule for Baki Hanma X Air Smoke Zero will be scheduled for the first half of October 2022.

Baki Hanma is the third series in the action comic series Stuffy, a work by Keisuke Itagaki. The total number of accumulated publications exceeds more than eighty-five million copies. His story is solely based on the original comic storyline Baki Hamma, where the world’s youngest underground Grand Prix fighting champion, Baki Hanma, decides to challenge Yujiro Hanma, considered the strongest man alive.

The story turns out to be that of a deadly fight between a father and his son. In 2021, the comic was released as an anime, and the second season is already in production. The first season of the anime series is also streaming worldwide and is available on Netflix.

The virtual sneaker will be available on MetaDrip. It is a smartphone application that allows users to try or experience digital assets including NFTS produced by 3D CG in augmented reality through the camera. There will be some real fun action to add in the future.

This feature will allow the asset holder to discover the AR feature of particular items that have been minted as NFTs. The number of available assets will also be updated regularly. On top of that, MetaDrip will incubate mass adoption among brands, creators, and society. This will be accomplished by making the most of AR technologies and infusing a new layer of practicality into digital assets.

There is no doubt that the NFT sneakers are the talk of the town. While there is no certain way to speculate how long the NFT bubble will remain intact, there is profit while it exists.

As the virtual landscape continues to change, more and more individuals will be attracted to the realm and consider the concept of digital fashion collectibles. NFTs offer organizations a unique angle to innovate their product, connect with their communities, and enhance their brand experience.

The technology also introduces a new level of ownership and authentication, which will incentivize collectors to keep their own collections of unique and valuable digital assets in the marketplace.

Finally, as the virtual and physical realms converge, new ways of forging identity and immersing in experiences will be created and will shape the future of culture.

1BLOCK has created a digital fashion utility and plans to grow into a community connecting the world. MetaDrip also plans to release more systems and create a space where different creators within the community can distribute their digital fashion.

To learn more about 1BLOCK and Baki Hanma virtual sneakers, visit 1sec.world. Check out Baki Anime’s official website at baki-anime.jp.

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