Don't Worry Darling had Frank beefing with Alice

Don’t worry honey proves the women weren’t the only ones trapped in victory

In the eerily perfect town of Victory, wealthy men and their wives lived in the middle of a wild land. Women, no matter what they looked like or who they were, went through each day exactly the same as everyone else, without questioning the state of their reality. As don’t worry darling revealed its shocking twist, viewers realized they were living in a simulated male-constructed fantasy, when in reality their bodies were clinging to a bed, isolated from their lives, ‘taken care of’ by their husbands . However, were the wives the only victims of Victory?

How Don’t Worry Darling’s Virtual Reality Treated Men

In the simulated city of Victory, women have been stripped of their true identities and reduced to the singular function of being the perfectly happy housewives of their husbands. The men in don’t worry darling, who looked nearly identical, repeated the same mundane routine every day. Their identities were never revealed or mentioned throughout the film, with the exception of Jack (Harry Styles).

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Men were the aggressors in don’t worry darling. They were responsible for taking the life their partners deserved, but were they the ultimate villains or even more victims, playing a part in a more dangerous game? The loss of identity of the men and women in the film seems to point to a deep-rooted imprisonment below the surface. Going further, the film presented a very clear, gender-focused social normality that seems to have existed since the dawn of time.

don’t worry darling too familiar painting of a picture where men were the guardians. They were responsible for supporting their families financially and sexually satisfying their wives. Interestingly, in Jack and Alice’s relationship, the sex scenes were, for once, about pleasing women rather than the other way around. On the other hand, women were expected to take care of the house, make themselves beautiful and happy, and provide emotional support to their husbands.

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Don’t Worry Darling Presents Varied Perspectives on Gender Norms

For a long time, “victory”, i.e. success, has been defined by this exact suburban fantasy, and in some ways it still is. Men are expected to do valuable work and contribute to the community, while women stay home and have children. They come back to each other for intimacy and support. don’t worry darling was not mistaken. The vision of Victory was the dream of many men and women.

Much like Alice, many people still struggle to escape the imprisonment of deeply rooted traditional values. There was at least one woman in Victory who shared the same worldview: Frank’s wife, Shelley (Gemma Chan). She was the mother figure in this film, nurturing and shaping these women in manner and grace. She helped Frank (Chris Pine) build this fantasy. Frank’s unwavering authority was much like a traditional father figure.

Although there isn’t much context, it’s not hard to assume that neither of these couples were happy in their real life. However, instead of actively dealing with their lives, the problem was trying to fix what was wrong with their lives by convincing and convincing themselves that being normal would magically solve their problems. Ultimately, Victory subjected women and men to traditional gender roles that stripped away their true identities.

To see how Victory’s fantasy hurts men too, Don’t Worry Darling is in theaters now.

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