Unpacking the internet discourse around “bodies, bodies, bodies”

Unpacking the internet discourse around “bodies, bodies, bodies”

“Your review was great, maybe if you had \\ taken your eyes off my boobs you could have \\ watched the movie!”

Three lines, 19 words. Poetry, arguably in its finest form of the 21st century: Instagram DM. Amandla Stenberg could have written Hamlet, but Shakespeare certainly could not have written that. Just one or two short syllables of a haiku, but with a clear intention embedded in the distinct stanzas – the innocent opening; the shocking and abrupt twist of the second line; the feeling of closure that kills me every time. As a film critic, maybe if she had actually “watched the movie” none of this would have happened. The real boost is that she knew exactly how it would turn out – she just didn’t know it would turn out so gloriously.

Said movie critic is Lena Wilson, a writer for the esteemed New York Times, maybe you’ve heard of it? Well, until a month ago you certainly hadn’t heard of her. After a scathing review of A24’s comedic horror film ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’, Wilson took to Twitter in a now-deleted post to post this infamous private message from actress Amandla Stenberg, who stars in the film . Shock! Outrage! An inevitable controversy ensued! But let’s put a little more context. On its own, Stenberg’s confusing message doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, reading as an unexpected and overly offended response to a critic simply trying to do his job — something Wilson obviously capitalized on. If you haven’t read her paid review, you may not be aware of the specific line that Stenberg clearly took issue with and was directly alluding to: the line in which Wilson called the film “a 95-minute commercial for the cleavage and Charli XCX’s latest single. Not a good look, to say the least (and most, Charli XCX’s single “Hot Girl” is a bop and she responded to the drama of the best possible way).

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