Frustrated Father on Vacation

The internet supports a father who left an ‘ungrateful’ family in ‘poverty’ on vacation

A dad who ended up frustrated with the way things were going on the family vacation he paid for has been backed by fellow Reddit users on the popular ‘Am I the Asshole’ forum for leaving and reserving a hotel room for himself.

“AITA for leaving my family in ‘poverty’ and going to a ‘complex,'” u/Murky_Ad_193 asked in their post, which has garnered over 11,000 votes since it was posted on Wednesday.

He said he decided to pay for a vacation that included his immediate family and several in-laws. When things went wrong, u/Murky_Ad_193, hearing nothing but complaints, decided to book a room at a hotel.

Above is an image of a man looking out the window. A Reddit user said he decided to book a hotel room after vacationing with his whole family became unwieldy due to all the complaints they were making.
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Difficult family members

When it comes to difficult family members, an article published by psychology today said it was not worth trying to “fix” them.

“Sometimes it works, but often your efforts won’t pay off,” the outlet said. “In fact, trying to fix someone or make their life better can become a huge headache, because the more you do for them, the more they expect from you.”

It is also important for someone to enforce boundaries.

“Never let a personal interaction or relationship undermine or jeopardize your own well-being,” the article states.


In his post, u/Murky_Ad_193 said he wanted to pay for a vacation for his immediate family and extended family, which included his stepfather, stepmother, wife’s brother, and his wife and children – 10 people in total.

Although he rented a truck and a large house with a swimming pool, the problems arose at the start of the vacation. u/Murky_Ad_193 said he and his wife chose the “prettiest” room in the house, while his stepfather and stepmother chose to stay in the pool house. That left five bedrooms for the other six people.

What should have been a simple task of choosing rooms turned into u/Murky_Ad_193’s family asking why he and his wife chose the “best room”, why one room had a bigger TV and why they couldn’t not order all meals.

“I just went to my room and fell asleep,” u/Murky_Ad_193 said. “Day one. No more BS. Why did we have to wait in line? Why don’t we get the tour guide that lets us skip the lines?”

He said his wife then said they shouldn’t have to cook at home and that it “wasn’t fair” that she and her sister-in-law were left to clean up.

“My kids always help me out,” u/Murky_Ad_193 said. “Me too. BIL is sitting on his ass.”

Eventually, he grew tired of hearing complaints. While the family was having dinner one night, u/Murky_Ad_193 booked a suite at a hotel.

“I texted my wife and told her I’d catch up with everyone in the morning at the park,” he said. “She’s mad that I let her deal with these ungrateful, greedy people.”

u/Murky_Ad_193 later updated Redditors and said his wife joined him at the hotel, but they plan to return home.

“My brother-in-law was told that if he even looked at our room, he and his wife would go to a motel,” he said. “The in-laws were invited to Uber wherever they wanted. We always take everyone out for dinner, but all other meals not prepared at home are your responsibility. And the in-law is responsible for cleaning up after the meal. “

Editors react

Many Reddit users took to the comments section and voiced their support for how u/Murky_Ad_193 chose to handle the tough holiday.

“It’s actually hilarious,” read one prominent comment. “You took a vacation while your loved ones were on vacation. Well, maybe you should have told your wife and brought her with you and left the other relatives to fend for themselves.”

“I can’t imagine the level of entitlement it takes to have a paid family vacation and complain about not having the best room,” another Reddit user wrote.

A Reddit user said this should be the last time u/Murky_Ad_193 should pay vacation for everyone.

Newsweek contacted u/Murky_Ad_193 for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

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