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Before Overwatch 2, a eulogy for the Overwatch I knew

Today we pay homage to the life of Overwatch 1, a groundbreaking hero shooter that debuted in 2016, bringing a whole new flavor to the genre and paving the way for the live service space. Overwatch consisted of carefully crafted team compositions selected from an ever-growing roster of free characters, but the October 4 release of Monitor 2 means the end of this game, literally and figuratively.

That day, Overwatch 2 won’t just replace the original game (after nearly 48 hours of shutdown, as Overwatch 1 will shut down on October 3rd) but will also bypass many of the features and gameplay aspects that made the game so unique and special. While that might just be symptomatic of any game’s sequel, and perhaps an exciting change for some (Blizzard’s Jon Spector claimed in a recent roundtable interview that the team has “consistently received feedback very positive” about all the changes), it’s not ideal for many Overwatch fans. With days to go, it’s time to give Overwatch 1 a proper eulogy.

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